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Hotel Brokers International Offers Global Knowledge with Local Expertise

With office locations across the United States and abroad, a Hotel Brokers International broker office is always nearby to assist you - no matter what your needs.

Interested in Purchasing a Hotel?

Are you in the market to purchase a hotel? Let the brokerage professionals at Hotel Brokers International assist you:

  • Select from the industry's largest hotel inventory
  • Identify the best market opportunities
  • Navigate complex transactions
  • Close the sale rapidly

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List a Property

Are you ready to list a property for sale? Hotel Brokers International's brokers will help you:

  • Establish and obtain maximum selling price
  • Gain insight into current market conditions
  • Receive maximum exposure
  • Reach the most qualified buyers

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Brokers, Broaden Your Knowledge

Are you a hotel broker looking to broaden your knowledge, resources and customer access? Location is everything! Positioning yourself as a broker member has many benefits, including:

  • Access to an invaluable network of industry specialists
  • Select marketing opportunities
  • A variety of educational resource to fit your needs
  • List and search properties with more than 250 exclusive listings
  • Many, many more broker member opportunites

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Hospitality Service Providers, Reach Your Customers

Are you a hospitality service provider with resources for buyers or brokers, but need more opportunity to reach your customers? Becoming an Affiliate Member can do just that.

  • Access to an invaluable network of brokers, investors, other industry specialists
  • Unique marketing over the internet and by person to person
  • Discounts to many exclusive Hotel Broker International’s services
  • Many, many more affiliate member opportunities

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